Establish Pre-Kindergarten programs in every school district.
Provide more teaching time by simplifying testing and accountability rules.
Emphasize vocational / technical education at both high school and college levels.
Restore university funding lost since 2008.
Increase bond funding to the University system for R&D.

Install high-efficiency insulation in houses, apartments and small business.
Increase wood pellet stoves and boilers to boost Maine’s forest products economy.
Expand use of COMMUNITY-based renewables: wind, solar and battery storage.

Lead efforts to reform the Electoral College.
Elect Attorney General by popular vote.
Restore democracy to presidential elections through National Popular Vote Compact.

Insure that no one goes cold.
Eliminate hunger among Maine’s children.

Expand MaineCare and support the formation of a universally accessible public healthcare system.
Develop programs to help seniors age at home.
Increase the availability of group housing for individuals in substance abuse recovery.
Promote community based overdose response teams.

Develop a comprehensive state policy on immigration to accelerate transition of immigrants and refugees into Maine’s workforce.

Rebuilding Rural Economy
Invest State resources in developing aquaculture, wood products and community energy production.
Scale up farm-to-table products and expand opportunities for young farmers.
Help fisheries and aquaculture find new markets and adapt to Global Warming.
Address the lack of enforcement regarding transportation of wood products.
Develop homesteading initiative to increase available housing and new residents for Maine’s rural counties.
Provide preferential cannabis cultivation licenses to rural Mainers.

Preserve rural fire and medical emergency response through shared resources.
Focus juvenile justice system on restorative justice as its core principle.
Prepare all adult inmates for return to the workforce.
Reduce employment barriers for individuals convicted of non-violent crimes.
Legalize the cultivation and retail sale of recreational cannabis products.

Redesign gas tax to provide reliable revenue for roads and bridges.
Expand passenger rail and bus service to form statewide network.