My name is Mark Dion, and I’m running to be the next Governor of Maine.

The people of Maine deserve good government led by solid, capable, down to earth people.

It’s that simple.

Mainers work hard. We’ve got common sense. We’re devoted to honesty and fair play, and we’re willing to make sacrifices for our families and the people we love. Whatever comes our way, Mainers always seem to get it done despite the odds. I still believe in a Maine where our handshake is our bond.

Right now, all of us have people we care about who are struggling to find decent jobs, adequate housing, affordable health care and quality education. These aren’t just political talking points. These are struggles we all see every day, reflected in the faces of the people we love, people whose lives comprise the very foundation of Maine. This is where we’ve laid our roots, and our state deserves genuine progress and prosperity.

I believe it’s time for Maine to elect a governor with the courage to listen, not just speak, and the strength to break rank and go against the status quo when the lives of our people are at risk. Time and again, that’s what I’ve done as a sheriff and as a state legislator, and that’s what I’ll continue to do as governor.

I’m running for governor because I believe that we can rise together and do the tough work ahead that we’ll need to accomplish if we are to pass on a Maine that our children and grandchildren will be proud to call home.

No governor can do it alone. Please join me in building a campaign and an administration that will honor who we are as Mainers and move us to become more than we ever thought possible.

Thanks for your support!